How Video Carousels Enhance Your Instagram Game

Followers/Following Order. Algorithm changes. 60-sec looping videos.

What’s next for Instagram?

Video Carousels, of course.

Initially, Instagram started off with picture carousels where users could swipe through images. Now, the social media platform has sweetened that concept by adding videos into the mix. Brands, bloggers and influencers can now add a montage pictures + videos to get more attraction, views and favorable (or unfavorable) interaction in the allotted advertising space.

Transworld Business tells why horizontal advertising works:


“To help businesses showcase multiple sides of their products and/or company, Instagram launched Video Carousels, giving brands more horizontal advertising flexibility, and avoiding cluttering the app.”

Ready to step up your game? Portada-Online shares Yahoo’s cues on video marketing:


Yahoo’s Video Creative Best Practices:

  • Larger logos deliver higher brand metrics than smaller logos, and even more so for Millennials.
  • CTA’s should be included in video ads, as they generate increases in lower-funnel metrics such as Purchase Intent and Brand Recommendation.
  • The brand should be introduced at any point in the video ad. Key brand metrics are not impacted whether the brand is introduced in the beginning, middle, or end of the video.
  • Different ad tones should be employed to drive Millennials down the purchase funnel.
  • Video ads must be optimized for screen alignment.Horizontal is more effective at increasing familiarity and purchase intent when compared to the relatively newer vertical portrait ads.
  • 15/:30 ads in pre-roll formats as they drive higher aided recall, affinity, purchase intent, and recommendation than : 05.
  • :15 native video ads drive greater recall and purchase intent than longer video units.
  • When it comes to native, auto-start ads drive a slight increase in brand affinity and outperforms user-initiated ads in recall and fixation.


Not convinced yet? TechCrunch breaks down the stats for us:


Instagram tells me the photo carousels have already “seen solid results.” And with video the biggest craze in marketing, now it can feature more moving ads without destroying the flow of organic content. Video viewing on Instagram grew 40% between August and February.

What do we think?

As a ‘photo activation company,’ [insert shameless spiel about how amazing/incredible SUM Booth is] providing a service that is very visually-driven, visual perception is only the beginning.

No matter which mode of advertisement you choose to use, the storyline should be simple in concept, rich in context, and give users meaning and value. At the end of the day, SUM Booth always strives to provide that model through vividly engaging, thought-provoking photo booth setups.

Want to learn more? We’re game for anything!



Images Courtesy of L2 Inc., Portada-Online and TechCrunch



3 Ways GIFs are Bringing Sexy Back

Whether you pronounce GIF with a hard g-sound or like the peanut butter “Jif,” I think we can all agree on one thing; these short, motion-looping videos are now prevalent throughout the Digital Marketing Age and making an inescapable appearance in similar fashion to Justin’s reemergence…

1. Game of Thrones Season Premiere *SPOILER ALERT*

If you haven’t watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones, don’t watch the episode recap in GIF form. If you don’t have HBO GO or TorrentLeech, GOT’s series of GIFs helps readers connect to the storyline better than any aural or textual form. Fans are able to be emotionally filled with anger, excitement and sadness all at once. Why all the work? GIFs can help brands tell a clear, visual story. Visual and emotional appeal help bond memories, creating a lasting, strong impression that can either lead to: 1) a Men of the Night’s Watch Party equipped with archery, debauchery and deceit or 2) I hate Game of Thrones, but I can’t stop talking about it. I prefer the first choice.

2. Somersby Citrus Cider’s 24-hour Live, GIF Stream

Today, Portugal-brand Somersby Citrus Cider wrapped up a live, 24-hour GIF stream of Lord Somersby receiving real-time feedback from viewers being able to choose who or what appears next. Although, it is unreasonable (but highly suggested) to binge-watch Lord Somersby for an entire 24 hours, the marketing campaign tactic helps convert curious potentials into loyal brand promoters. Viewers are able to drink coffee, hang out with friends or ‘Netflix and Chill’ while watching the live GIF stream, which makes the campaign even more enticing and easily reachable to a mass audience. Instant gratification, customized interaction and personable communication is something that most millennials cherish and that definitely isn’t skimmed on when it comes to video-based marketing, advertising and social media.

3. Boomerang for Instagram

Boomerang enables Instagrammers to immediately capture moments and post them in high resolution video loops. One of the reasons why visual marketing is so effective on Instagram is that 65% of individuals are visual learners. When we see thought-provoking images, our brain pairs it with meaningful content that’s stored as long-term memory. Influencers, brands, and companies are able to determine where they’re strengths, weaknesses, and how well they are received from follows, likes and comments. In combination, Instagram and GIFs are like Justin Timberlake and his curly, bleached-blonde hair because they are both give memorable impressions, evoke immediate responses and never gets old when seeing.
When looking for something to entertain your guests with, don’t just settle for any photo booth GIF service. Make sure that service adds value not only to your big event, but brand as well. Any experience associated with your event is an extension of your image and we seek to fully offer that to you. Let us help you create a design-driven photo booth activation that clearly tells a story, evokes excitement in your brand, and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Why SUM Motion?

  • Multiple GIF variations to suit your event atmosphere and add to your brand
  • We work with you on concepts to build customized designs that clearly tell your story
  • User brand interaction where GIF-takers can immediately share onto their social media sites
  • Printable version of GIF is available

Have a question, need more info or ready to book? We’re all ears!

Don’t take our word for it, just watch Mr. Justin Timberlake himself.


Show SUM Love – April 2016 Highlights

We’re starting (SUM)thing new and featuring some of our favorite places, people and things we encountered this month. As part of the Austin community, it’s always great when you discover the ‘latest and greatest’ things, but also warming when you rediscover those experiences. Enjoy (or don’t enjoy this post)!

Rock Rose Hall

Rock Rose Hall recently opened its doors to the movers and shakers, and event makers of Austin during their Open House last Thursday, April 7th. Located in the Rock Rose District of the Domain, Rock Rose Hall is already adding to the colorful array of restaurants, shops and entertainment. Sitting just above Lavaca Street Bar, the venue rests beautifully on the corner overlooking the ‘true to Austin’ neighborhood.

As you head upstairs, your guided by one of the most earthy, ethereal woodworks I’ve ever seen. The venue space itself was fresh, modern and open, and easily adaptable to work with multiple private, social and corporate events. As the sister of Brazos Hall, you already know Rock Rose is going to be a buzzword venue and sensation as well this upcoming event season (and no, this is not a sponsored post; we just really like Rock Rose Hall!).


For all you right-brained Austinites out there, CRAFT debuted their new location on East Cesar Chavez and Springdale Rd. Imagine if your mom bought you everything you wanted from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, and let your creativity run wild (for $10/hr) with BYOB, but check out the deals while they’re still hot. *sizzle, sizzle

Your reaction right now:


Thursday Therapy

Although Thursday Therapy is a monthly staple, you’d be having serious FOMO if we didn’t feature it. April’s meet up was a held at The Highball in the open, airy room. Some of the vendors showcased included the bloom bar, Batch and Crema Bakery & Cafe. With great company, complimentary bites and sips, and true Southern hospitality, what’s not to love?

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.42.15 PM

3 Year Anniversary for Blackfinn Ameripub

HIP! HIP! HOORAY! Join the FINN as they celebrate 3 years of business at the Domain with fun-filled festivities.*Cue complimentary food and drinks, dancing in the moonlight and surprise freebies. You might even get to spin the giveaway wheel!

Don’t forget to register!


Photo Courtesy of Blackfinn Ameripub



3 Indisputable Trends at SXSW 2016

SXSW may be over, but 3 takeaways stuck with us. With a menagerie of panels, films and interactive installations, it was impossible to attend everything. We’re here to break it down for you — SUM Booth style.

Virtual/Augmented Reality just became the Hottest Buzzword

This year, SXSWi put a HUGE emphasis on virtual reality by implementing the VR/AR Track. The 3-day programming showcased the ‘latest and greatest’ ways for individuals to consume content, interact with brands, and will change the way people think about socializing and buying. Although virtual reality has been mentioned during previous SXSWs, the emerging technology is highly adaptable to any industry, giving consumers the total immersion of sensory details without actually being there. VR/AR’s capabilities to fully engage users through storytelling and create highly impressionable branding, have lead Oculus and McDonald’s to take their companies to the next level of customer engagement.

Since VR is still a very new and an unoccupied market, it’s an optimal time for newcomers to become industry leaders and bring something dynamic to the table. Whether or not you think VR/AR is a technological breakthrough or bust, one thing is certain; I don’t want virtual or augmented attached to any food item I’m about to gobble up.


Experience what its like to be inside of a Happy Meal Photo Courtesy of The Verge

Hallelujah for On-Demand Start-Ups

As a millennial, I can speak for most when I say we want instant gratification. That’s as quick as attaching the awkward moon emoji to the end of a text or being able to stream the Final Four seamlessly on your smart phone. Luckily for us, a few companies were able to activate during SXSW and gave you more time to enjoy that last set at the Belmont or Richard Linklater panel.

Revolve x Postmatespartnered together to bring fresh, poppy, festival clothing straight to your door or the party you were getting free drinks at. By downloading the Postmates app, consumers were able to choose what they wanted while Postmates dealt with delivering the items to your venue location within the hour. Wasn’t in the mood to shop till you drop? The app also features convenience goods from 7/11 and nearby local eats.


Ask and you shall receive with Revolve x Postmates

‘On-Demand’ also isn’t synonymous with instant delivery. It can be in the form of having accessibility to a product or service. Service (conveniently named) boasts handling those bad, lengthy customer service issues for you. The app is still in the phase of launching, but claimed to have someone wait in line for you at SXSW. No promise or presence was made, but we’ll be anticipating it for SXSW 2017. Overall, we’re thankful to have on-demand start-ups to simplify and reduce everyday tasks.

Co-Branding, Co-Working… Whatever You Want to Call It

Samsung Lounge, Fader Fort, GSD&M’s SXSW Party and Willie Nelson’s Ranch are staples to the SXSW scene, but we’re seeing an emergence of collaboration between brands and ideas that is often underestimated. All parties can benefit from working with others because it helps to bring fresh ideas, increases your pool of untapped prospects, drives innovation and the quality of work produced.  

Bossbabes has gained a cult-like following due to its altruistic mission to want every woman to succeed and foster their creative passions in a supportive environment. Babes Fest successfully unveiled during SXSW and just announced that they will be touring other Texas cities and New York City.


Bossbabes Meetup Photo Courtesy of Bossbabes

WeWork held viral shindigs at their downtown Austin location throughout SXSW. Besides the party essentials (music, drinks and food), attendees got a glimpse of their workspace. The concept is helping shape the way individuals work, play and do business in a physical community workspace. Want inspiration? Visit your office buddy next door or meet someone new at the refreshments bar.

Collaborations aren’t exclusive to just brands or a group of individuals from the same industry. Millennials are redefining marketing and sales strategies where a ‘collaboration’ exists between the consumer and brand. Companies can’t just rely on demographics to attract buyers anymore; millennials want brands that understand their personal preferences and have a more customer-centric approach. In return, consumers can relay information about the company and experience with the brand through the unseen “dark social.”

At the end of the day, these companies and ideas seek to enhance lives. For better or worse? That’s up to you to decide.

Till next year, SXSW.


2016 Stadium Series – Minnesota

A few scenes from the 2016 NHL Stadium Series game held in Minneapolis between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks where we had our two photo stations promoting Upper Deck and their hockey cards. As usual, we were the most popular attraction there — well, outside of the game itself, and maybe just barely ahead of the fried cheese curd food truck — creating custom trading cards for guests and allowing them to share them digitally via our SUM Share station.

Photos in a GIF

Once the bane of MySpace pages across the world (admit it, you had a ton of sparkly animated stickers all over your page), GIFs have received a new lease on life in the age of Tumblr, memes and a subject near and dear to us — photo booths.

Animated GIFs have become one of most popular offerings in the world of photo booths, normally just a single static background with a few photos repeated in rapid succession. Well, you know us here at SUM Booth. If we’re going to offer a particular service type, we’re REALLY going to offer it.

With that in mind, we’ve developed 5 distinct SUM Motion offerings that you’re welcome to incorporate into your next event — Static, Dynamic, Cinematic, Burst or Morph.

  • Static: a still background with multiple photos
  • Dynamic: an animated background and/or foreground with multiple photos
  • Cinematic: a slightly animated background with a single photo and animated effects
  • Burst: an infinitely looping animation that automatically reverses
  • Morph: change into the subject of your choice

Want more info on how we can bring any of these to your next event? Just get in touch and ask about SUM Motion.


Sorry, we just had to.

The Texas Stars at night, are big and bright

Every once in awhile, we like to brag. Do SUM Bragging, if you will. Sometimes, it’s a #humblebrag about a unique event or client we’re working with. Other times, it’s an exotic location. This time, however, we wanted to pop our collar in recognition of an award that was bestowed to SUM Booth (by proxy of owner, Conor Mongan), at the recent 2015 Texas Star Awards.

The Texas Star’s highlight the best and brightest in all of the Texas chapters of the International Special Events Society (which unfortunately is shortened to ISES, a sketchy sounding affiliation these days, but it’s all on the up and up). Anyone in the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin chapters were eligible for awards.

Our nomination came in the only design related field available — Best Marketing Design for a project under $25,000 — and on a brisk winter night at Brazos Hall here in Austin, we took home the award.

Since design and creativity is such an important element in what we offer to clients, it was nice to be recognized for our talents in that realm. Even better, now you — the client — can tell everyone you’re working with an award winning photo booth. Hopefully this will just be the first of many awards to grace our office. Newbery, Tony and Nobel — we’ve got our eyes on you next!